About Our Animal Shelter

Furever Buddys Rescue is a nonprofit organization 501 (c)(3). We rescue more than 90% of our dogs and cats from a high-kill rural shelter in Roosevelt, Utah. Each month, we’re able to save at least 20 to 30 dogs and 15 to 20 cats.

We travel to Salt Lake City, American Fork, and Orem just to find homes for our animals.

Rescuing Process

First, we rescue the dogs and cats from the euthanization list. Then, we’ll have them examined, vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, and neutered by a veterinarian. We always make sure to treat each rescued animal with the utmost care and attention as if they are our own.

Results of Our Hard Work

Over the last eight years, we have saved thousands of animals. In 2016, we successfully placed 530 dogs and cats into new, loving homes. We hope to save as many lives as we can in order to make a difference in this world.

Meet Our Team

The members of our team are mostly volunteers who donated their time and effort to saving stray cats and dogs. They’re very dedicated and passionate about what they do. 

Get to Know the Owner

Our founder, Melisa Stevenson, has more than seven years of experience working at an animal shelter. Realizing the need for saving stray and mistreated animals, she decided to go big and start her own rescue center.

Dog of Fame 


Buddy was the first rescued dog and he wasn’t the last. He brought so much happiness and love to everyone, as well as to every dog he met. For this reason, we decided to name our organization after him.

Buddy will forever be able to help his four-legged friends from the same situation he was once in and help them find a perfect, loving homes.

Our Animal Shelter

We are foster based at this time, until we can find a building to house our furry friends!

As much as we want to keep them all, these adorable animals still need real homes where they can be a part of someone’s family.

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